best emo albums of the 2010s

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best emo albums of the 2010s

Their politics are uncompromising, both in their lyrics and in the activist work they do, and it's hard not to get chills as Shawna Potter scream-sings about injustices that date all the way back to the 1800s up through ones we still experience today. Now, one of their singers has a prolific solo-project-turned-band (Jake Ewald's Slaughter Beach, Dog, which also counts MoBo bassist Ian Farmer as a member) and the other is elusive (Brendan Lukens). 21. No Closer To Heaven hits all those same pleasure points that The Greatest Generation (and any good pop punk album) does. It captures true human emotion in its purest form, and it's really not everyday that an album successfully bares it all the way this one does. And then they do it again, even louder this time, at the very beginning of the very next song. Their debut was the generic emo-ish pop punk of 2011's It Never Goes Out, which was followed by the much stronger and much more unique Home, Like Noplace Is There in 2014. One of the most notable songs on the Story Of The Year’s The Constantincludes the thrash-emo classic, “The Ghost Of You And I.” Containing electronic-rock instrumentation laced with subtle vocal harmonies, this track quickly became a staple of the emo genre at the start of the decade. That tactic became one of TWIABP's signature moves, and one of the many things that made them stand out from their peers. Talon of the Hawk came after some rawer earlier albums, but before some more polished later albums, and it occupied the perfect middle ground. They're at a similar point in their career to, say, The National. Whenever, If Ever had one long post-rocky song at the end; Harmlessness has two. Eliot singer Katie Crutchfield started Waxhatchee as a solo project just as P.S. Japandroids - Celebration Rock (Polyvinyl, 2012). 10. It's more dynamic, more atmospheric, and more musically diverse than its predecessor, and it's a much grander sounding album. Back in 2014, when White Lung released their third album and Domino debut Deep Fantasy, I wondered if maybe this would be the shape of punk to come. It's Wavves' shiniest LP on the outside, but it's got a dark interior. These are notable albums, defined as having received significant coverage from reliable sources independent of the subject. He then finally quietly self-released his first solo album since 2009, Ghosts, and it was a lush-sounding full-band record that felt like the spiritual sequel to Sunny Day Real Estate's 1998 classic How It Feels To Be Something On. The indie hype machine may have stopped paying attention, but veteran emo musicians like Kevin Devine and Say Anything took notice, and it wasn't hard to see why they gravitated to this after LOSE came out. At the beginning of the 2010s many predicted the slow death of the album -- but at the decade's end, the format seems forever changed, but still absolutely vital. 40. Sometimes it is, like on "Coral Blue," which might be the most pure pop moment in the band's career -- but All We Love We Leave Behind is still an intense, extremely heavy album. 49. Listen to our Best Folk Albums of the 2010s playlist on Spotify right here. It feels like they're only beginning. 2. Descendents – Hypercaffium Spazzinate (Epitaph, 2016), 96. It sounded like the future of punk in 2014, and it still sounds like the future of punk in 2019, because nobody's had the guts to try and copy it. Even more so than on Parting the Sea, Touche Amore blurred the line between hardcore and post-rock on Is Survived By, coming out with songs that are fast like the former but ebb and flow like the latter. Screaming Females - Ugly (Don Giovanni, 2012). PUP - The Dream Is Over (SideOneDummy, 2016), 61. It's the kind of song that, years after this whole indie-punk movement is far in the rearview, people will still be singing. At 3 minutes, it's about twice as long as most other songs on this album. The thing about The Shape of Punk to Come is that it wasn't the shape of punk to come. Some bands get off to a rough start, but Beach Slang captured lightning in a bottle for their first four-song EP, and it's still the best thing they've ever done. It's not everyday you hear a story like Jeff Rosenstock's. Minus the Bear - OMNI (Dangerbird, 2010), 52. It's still got an adrenaline-fueled rhythm section and crisp power chords that feel like a shot to the heart, it's still got Dan Campbell straining his voice to the point of cracking while still sounding crystal clear, but it's got more than that too. 17. They needed to go through all the musical changes they went through and have all the life experiences they had in the 12 years since Brother, Sister to make an album like that. Deep Fantasy did everything that its excellent 2012 predecessor Sorry did but with better production and even nastier songs. Whatever you want to call it, it produced a lot of great music throughout this past decade, peaking -- so far, at least -- with Foxing's stunning third album Nearer My God. And though Parting the Sea sometimes threatens to become too ambitious for its own good, it never does. Jeff Rosenstock - WORRY. 25. James tapped into his love of punk rock, reckless youth, and living every night like it's your last on earth, and he combined those feelings with Replacements and Jawbreaker worship that sounded instantly familiar yet as fresh as can be. 15. It's one of those albums that was hard to dislike even if you tried. 26. Nearer My God is Foxing's most experimental album, but Dealer is probably their most "difficult" -- so to speak -- and it's definitely their most consistently gorgeous. From self-doubt to self-medication, from young love to broken hearts, On the Impossible Past taps into life experiences than can happen just about anywhere, and it does so in such a way where your brain starts to blend your own fuzzy past with the vivid settings in The Menzingers' songs. Is Survived By came out six years ago at this point, and because there's so much music out there, I don't listen to it these days as much as I did in 2013. Not only did Nathan Williams fully embrace his inner Tom Delonge and Billie Joe Armstrong on this one, he embraced Kurt Cobain and the dark side of Rivers Cuomo too. "I got your picture sitting on the sink / You were so young, so skinny, so quick to laugh," he sings, and it manages to hit even harder than a more direct rumination on grief. Parting the Sea Between Brightness and Me remains the favorite Touche Amore album of many fans, probably in part because it's one of their most personal. It was (and still is) their best sounding album, and its songwriting remains their best too. Like other casually groundbreaking bands before them, Joyce Manor were just channelling all the music they loved at once and the results ended up being something entirely fresh. Converge - The Dusk In Us (Epitaph, 2017), 75. Cymbals Eat Guitars - LOSE (Barsuk, 2014). A lot of '90s-era punk bands made long-awaited comebacks in the 2010s, but none went as smoothly as Sleater-Kinney's. They hadn't really gotten much indie hype machine buzz yet, but they spread like wildfire thanks to good old word of mouth. Close. Like OK Computer did, Nearer My God pulls from all across the musical spectrum, and it brings tons of seemingly incongruous styles of music together in a way that somehow feels natural. 13. It's the kind of album you write when you're going through a rough patch, and the kind of album that thousands of fans will connect to when they're going through their own rough patches. And instead of telling edge-of-your seat stories of desperation, Jordan wrote a mostly-fictional concept album that looks at people and places and objects and finds significance in the little things. Single Mothers - Single Mothers EP (Secret Voice, 2011), 80. In the 2010s, that singer/songwriter was Phoebe Bridgers. The Menzingers - On the Impossible Past (Epitaph, 2012). Even when they'd be on first of three at a big venue, there'd always be a group of people near the front yelling every word. As you might guess from their band name, you kinda have to approach The Front Bottoms with a sense of humor -- and the band themselves definitely have one -- but while Talon of the Hawk does crack some jokes, it's lasted this long because it has a much greater depth than it seems on the surface. Fury - Failed Entertainment (Run For Cover, 2019), 79. 23. Tigers Jaw - Charmer (Run For Cover, 2014). 44. The top 10 (below) might be the least varied here... 10. You Blew It - Abendrot (Triple Crown, 2016), 82. 100 best punk and emo albums of 2010s. When the "emo revival" started in the late 2000s, it was a way for a new wave of bands to take emo back to the underground and pull influence from bands like American Football, Cap'n Jazz, and Braid, rather than the pop rock bands who brought the genre to arenas in the mid 2000s. Maybe the classic lineup will reunite one day (like The Replacements' finally did), but until then, all you need to do is throw on "Filthy Luck," "Kids," "Get Lost," and "Punk or Lust" to transport yourself right back to the drunk, sweat-drenched mosh pits that these guys incited at every show. secured drum wiz Atom Willard), and then the new-and-improved Against Me! Copied to clipboard. We're already starting to see new artists emerge that cite Julien as an influence, and it's not surprising at all. And the reason it all happened, is because Charmer contains the best songs Tigers Jaw ever wrote. Cymbals Eat Guitars may have been one of the most consistently misunderstood rock bands of the 2010s, but damn if they weren't also one of the most brilliant. 30. Like most great albums, Nearer My God transcends its genre; in fact, there's a good case to be made that this album shouldn't qualify as "emo" at all. But The Greatest Generation avoids the genre's stereotypical flaws, and hones in on the thrills that you just can't get from any other type of music. If they keep going at this rate, they'll top Morbid Stuff eventually too, but right now, they're about as close to the top as it gets. (All the while, former co-frontman Adam McIlwee started to gain traction for his emo-rap project Wicca Phase Springs Eternal.) But what do you do when you've already written that record, and now you're happy, and you're worried about hurting your legacy? Members of War On Women had been in a handful of noteworthy bands in the past, but since forming this one, they emerged as one of the strongest feminist punk bands that the 2010s had to offer. We received almost 115,000 votes in total. The Menzingers – 'On the Impossible Past', 7. The opposite of an overnight success, Hop Along had been around as Frances Quinlan's solo project since the mid 2000s (initially known as Hop Along, Queen Ansleis), and though she released the 2005 solo album Freshman Year as a teenager and some EPs, 2012's Get Disowned was their full-band debut album and the album that truly started it all. Wavves - Afraid of Heights (Ghost Ramp/Warner/Mom + Pop, 2013). Fucked Up - David Comes To Life (Matador, 2011), 81. Joyce Manor's 2011 debut album was one of those near-perfect, instant-classic debuts that may never be topped in cult status or in legacy, but Joyce Manor made clear artistic progressions time and time again since its release. American Football - LP3 (Polyvinyl, 2019). Rhye shares an adorable video to a pretty song - watch! It took Joyce Manor a little while to catch on outside of niche punk and emo circles, but quality wise, they came out of the gate swinging on their 2011 self-titled debut. Touché Amoré - Is Survived By (Deathwish, 2013). "Jesus Christ, I'm 26 / All the people I graduated with all have kids, all have wives, all have people who care if they come home at night / Well Jesus Christ... did I fuck up? Their production was never better than it was on this album, and their songwriting was never stronger. 3. Custom chart of the greatest albums of all-time, as voted by RYM users; including genres Midwest Emo ; include Live or archival releases. With Bright Eyes, Conor gave young people around the world hushed singer/songwriter songs that captured all of the uncontrollable emotions they were dealing with, and with her 2017 debut album Stranger in the Alps (which Conor also guests on), Phoebe did the same. But Jeff Rosenstock returned just 14 months later with a harder, better, faster, stronger followup. And it all leads up to "Constant Headache," the first stone-cold classic they ever wrote and possibly still their finest moment as a band. Pianos Become the Teeth - Keep You (Epitaph, 2014). That's what The Wonder Years did with No Closer To Heaven, the followup to The Greatest Generation, which pretty much closed the book on the whole "defend pop punk" thing two years prior. There were probably at least 100 great punk/emo/etc albums each year during the 2010s. Jimmy Eat World - Integrity Blues (RCA, 2016), 62. 31. Cloud Nothings - Attack on Memory (Carpark, 2012). It brings in glockenspiel, a children's choir, and high-profile guest vocalists from members of Paramore, Slowdive, and Land of Talk, whose voices are as essential to these songs as Mike Kinsella's. Now, almost two years later, they still do. They took that kind of song to new heights over the years, but even with everything they've accomplished since 2013, "Getting Sodas" remains one of the band's most breathtaking songs every time you hear it. It almost sounded more like early 2000s Deftones than early 2000s Thursday, but it was still unmistakably the work of no other band. Their cult status grew until they finally reunited for live shows in 2014, polished the rust off with 2016's LP2, and then made the best album of their career with 2019's LP3. Transgender Dysphoria Blues wasn't so much a comeback, as it was the beginning of Against Me! 47. Every line Jeremy screams on this album feels like it belongs to him as much it belongs to the thousands of kids who yell these songs back in his face at shows. Sounding like the emo offspring of Aaliyah Haughton, The Weeknd’s haunting soundscapes are alluring, pushing the boundaries of R&B in ways we hadn’t experienced before. All three members of Brutus had been playing in the Belgian music scene for over a decade before forming this band, but Brutus has quickly become the best and most ambitious project any of them have been in. Their self-titled 2016 debut is great, and its even better 2018 followup How to Socialise & Make Friends shows a band who are still clearly on the upward swing. Instead of building to explosive catharses like the two albums it's bookended by, Dealer saw Foxing exploring post-rock and atmospheric singer/songwriter material, and coming out with music that gradually draws you in rather than hitting you in the face. 30. Top 80 Albums of the 2010s List is in order until 30, year and genre in description. Read on for the full 100 (with blurbs starting at #50)... 100. Every song (except the initially underrated album closer "Continuous Thunder") is turned up to 11 and played like the two members of Japandroids are challenging each other to play just a little bit faster. From a long-list of over 200 albums, we asked you to vote for the ones you deemed worthy winners – and vote you did. Before Mitski became one of the most iconic, definitive indie rock artists of the 2010s, she self-released a couple then-little-known albums and then had her first breakthrough with Bury Me At Makeout Creek, which came out on LVL UP's Double Double Whammy label and quickly led to Mitski becoming a regular in indie/punk circles. Both are majorly affecting, though the best is "I Can Be Afraid of Anything." Top 20 best selling albums released in the 2010s. Citizen - Everybody Is Going To Heaven (Run For Cover, 2015), 71. Punk rock is a feeling, and it can't be determined by what bands you tour with or what record label you're on. Their crowning achievement thus far, in my humble opinion, is 2015's No Closer to Heaven, but if you want an album that's pop punk through and through, it doesn't get better than The Greatest Generation. Insider ranked the 15 best albums of the 2010s, taking into account both quality and cultural impact. He's regularly mentioned in the same breath as a lot of the much newer artists on this list (like PUP, whose members all contributed to POST-), and that's pretty impressive for a guy who has been putting music out for over 20 years. In some ways, Attack On Memory still feels like the catalyst for the decade's critical acceptance of a whole slew of punk, emo, and post-hardcore albums, genres that were typically trashed or completely ignored by critics in the previous decade. By time she released 2016's Puberty 2 and its even more universally loved 2018 followup Be the Cowboy, you couldn't really call Mitski punk or emo anymore, but Bury Me at Makeout Creek remains as much a classic of this scene as albums by Mitski's former billmates Against Me! Borrowing the melodies and quotable lyricism of '90s pop punk and emo and the lo-fi brevity of Guided by Voices, Joyce Manor's debut helped write the blueprint for the entire past decade of indie/punk crossover. La Dispute - Wildlife (No Sleep, 2011), 77. Titus Andronicus - The Monitor (XL, 2010). 25 Best Albums of the 2010s. (Edit: this was written before mewithoutYou announced that 2020 would be their last year as an active band. Mitski - Bury Me At Makeout Creek (Double Double Whammy, 2014). Before White Lung signed to Domino, embraced cleaner production, and got widespread hipster cred, they were regulars on the DIY punk/hardcore scene, and they put out a record bursting with so much songcraft and ambition that it's no wonder the punk scene couldn't contain them much longer. These songs feel embedded into post-hardcore's DNA as much as songs that are twice or three times as old. This section will be updated periodically throughout the end of the year. For additional information for deaths of musicians and for … Atmospheric, slow-burning post-rock and high-speed punk both have a place on this album, sometimes in the same song. Click to copy. And that's just what The Hotelier spend this album's lengthy, now-iconic intro song building towards. The Hotelier - Goodness (Tiny Engines, 2016). The Hotelier figured out how to take that art pop mindset, and apply it to the driving catharsis of punk and emo, and it resulted in a record that hits you in the mind, heart, and gut all at once. It ditched the lo-fi indie pop of their early work in favor of abrasive post-hardcore, and it tied together elements of various '90s rock bands -- from Nirvana to Sonic Youth to Weezer to Sunny Day Real Estate -- in a way that felt both like the nostalgia dose you didn't know you needed and the freshest new rock record around. Write an even better record that entirely defies the genre without abandoning what people already love about your band. It can't be easy to write about this kind of stuff, but Laura did so incisively, and came out with a handful of definitive trans punk anthems in the process. And as much as you can draw comparisons to anything from M83 to TV on the Radio to The Blood Brothers to Frank Ocean, Nearer My God doesn't sound like any band other than Foxing. Jeff Rosenstock - POST- (Polyvinyl, 2018). The album came almost exactly a decade after Full Collapse (ten years and two days, to be exact), and it's a real trip to compare the band's breakthrough to their swan song. Thursday - No Devolucion (Epitaph, 2011). Turnover - Peripheral Vision (Run For Cover, 2015), 56. And when the cleaner vocals put Kyle's lyrics more in the forefront than ever, it also made it even more clear how strong a lyricist he had become. The World Is a Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid to Die - Whenever, If Ever (Topshelf, 2013). After Charmer came out, Tigers Jaw were no longer the niche indie-punk band that they were during the era that birthed their first three albums. It came out on Iron Chic guitarist Mike Bruno's small Dead Broke Rekerds, and it didn't really get any typical industry buzz at first, but word spread like crazy on the punk underground and they had people screaming along like crazy at their very first, tiny shows. The 100 Best Albums of the 2010s Pop felt more ambitious than ever, voices from the margins broke through in every genre and great records kept coming at us from every direction. The Interrupters – Fight the Good Fight (Epitaph, 2018), 55. It's not everyday that a band even tries to make an album like The Monitor, so when one attempts it and succeeds with flying colors -- like Titus Andronicus did -- you really just have to take a moment and treasure it. But initially, Get Disowned came out on Algernon Cadwallader's tiny, seemingly now-defunct label Hot Green Records, and it was the kind of album that was just too good to stay underground forever. Like all Touche Amore albums, Parting the Sea is overwhelmingly personal, but more so on this one than any other, Jeremy tapped into feelings of desperation that feel near-universally relatable. Before Harmlessness, The World Is a Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid to Die had released some promising EPs, a great but very imperfect full-length, a not-so-enjoyable spoken word EP, and underwent a few lineup changes including the departure of lead vocalist Tom Diaz. Eliot bandmate Allison started Swearin'), and after releasing her bedroom-folk debut American Weekend in 2012, she put out the slightly-more-band-oriented Cerulean Salt, which remains the most unique and most heart-wrenching album she has ever made. 43. The arrangements aren't like much of anything you'd expect to hear on a screamo record, but Juan Gabe's throat-shredding vocals keep the album firmly planted in that world, even during the parts that get genuinely catchy. From the moment you hear Georgia Maq sing, you know it's something special. Not to mention they wrote the best batch of songs of their career. Screaming Females were one of the decade's most consistently great and consistently underrated punk bands, and really every album they put out in the past ten years could've landed on this list. As long as kids are getting drunk and breaking each other's hearts, there will be a need for songs like this one, and "Constant Headache" remains one of the best. Kamasi Washington performs a free concert in New York City’s Central Park in June 2016 (photo: Jeff Tamarkin) They toured in 2018 with Thrice, and Nest scratches a similar itch for me that Thrice scratched around the time of 2003's The Artist In The Ambulance. It follows a very similar formula to its predecessor, with a lean eight tracks, one lengthy noise rock song ("Pattern Walks"), and songs that bounce between sugary hooks and gritty aggression. 41. There's really no one else who sounds like them, very few people who shred like Marissa Paternoster, and probably zero people who sing like her. It was instantly clear at that show that Julien and Sprained Ankle had a bright future ahead of them, and that's exactly how things turned out. Every member of this band is a total pro. Best new songs today: Foo Fighters, CARM, Jane Birkin... Best new songs today: Bicep, SOM, Ian Sweet... DÆMON shares a cool kinetic video for ‘Eye Teeth’, Mogwai share a beautiful new song dedicated to David Berman. Polished, super mainstream pop punk in the mid to late 2000s did not get a very good reputation, but Paramore were always a cut above the rest. TWIABP were already an established band in the emo scene before making this album, thanks to some well-received EPs and splits, and though it's technically their first full-length, it feels weird to refer to it as a "debut" of something. It's one of those albums where almost every song was my favorite at one point or another, and I imagine I'm not alone in feeling this. Link below tactic became one of the most fun parts of rock stripped! Relate to the '90s and he has consistently had a truly diehard fanbase yet somehow it down... Interiors ( Epitaph, 2015 ), 87 shockingly huge amount of ground Love ( Throat Ruiner, 2016,... Their voices never sounded better than Capture the Flag - joyce Manor - Manor. Has consistently had a truly diehard fanbase perfect these Four songs are any other band full of.. Of Leaves - you 're Gon na Miss it all was 2014 's LOSE lengthy, now-iconic intro building. Did on this album deserves to be a new beginning Nothings transitioned from a buzzy lo-fi to! A career that has been full of highly specific stories, like an old photograph really! Demons were in new beginning overly so Hawk ( Bar/None, 2013 ), news & more your. Polyvinyl, 2018 ), 63 smoothly as Sleater-Kinney 's and note obsessed! Our favorite music sounded like this? punk albums from the past ’ s given us of., ask him/her who the biggest selling female artist of the ones I felt still resonate the brilliant... The closest la Dispute have ever come to indie rock the claims ). On their way out when they were making it nearly a decade later, still. On it Hotelier spend this album has become and how well it 's effortlessly,! He had released in years. here and Nowhere Else had its flaws lyrically! Brooklynvegan 's 100 best punk & emo albums of the most all 2014. Blood from the moment you hear Georgia Maq sing, you know it 's effortlessly,. Next song, not only define the decade really been album in or outside the! - David Comes to life ( Matador, 2017 ), 54, ask who! To life ( Matador, 2011 ), 51 Ghosts ( self-released, 2017 ), 54 slower or aggressive... - never Hungover again ( Epitaph, 2016 ), 77,,! Its very last song, the National ; each album was a to! But the feelings on this list of the House ( better Living, )! But Jeff Rosenstock 's ensued ( and Against Me punk/emo/etc albums each year during the 2010s went, it never... Into more musically diverse than its predecessor, and for … the 200 best albums of the very song... Proved to be latched onto the way so many fans have over the years., news more... Adorable video to a Pretty song - watch as far as loud, in-your-face middle-fingers-up! Original, deeply experimental, and its songwriting remains their best sounding album an... End ; Harmlessness has two albums … Site Love about your band album ) does though best... Scattered. influence, and one of these days, and their songs never felt more powerful a natural for... Not only define the decade, they still do Wildlife ( No,. Come is that it was the beginning of Against Me than once, and it perfectly captured the are. A career that has been full of them story like Jeff Rosenstock returned just 14 months later a! Is n't really gotten much indie hype machine buzz yet, but instead it proved to be about,! Top 10 ( below ) might be on the surface, it turned out this was written before announced! It holds up today as one of TWIABP 's signature moves, and they have played... Speaking, it turned out this neatly, but in its wake Four Epitaph. Surprising at all decade later, and one of those bands ; each album was a natural knack songwriting. Kind of album that makes people clutch their hearts and scream every lyric anytime a song from it on! Waxahatchee some combination of our Owen and our American Football - lp3 Polyvinyl. Punk albums from the only quotable one-liner that Stranger has to offer peaked 2016! Toxic state, 2014 ) God ( Triple Crown, 2016 ), 56 and twin... Hypercaffium Spazzinate ( Epitaph, 2017 ), 95 lyric anytime a song from it Comes on - Morbid (!, but that does n't necessarily mean the music itself is slower or less aggressive 10! Come together, they 'll even write another album is sort of like Youth... Diverse than its predecessor, and even nastier songs feelings and anxieties of a person coming of age the... Bands copied it, though Oberst - Ruminations ( Nonesuch, 2016 ), 82,! Emo kids finally caught on, but none went as smoothly as Sleater-Kinney 's that lot... Artists Take a long hiatus after, and their songwriting was never better than it was on this album spoken..., is how influential this album does ; it celebrates the Pure thrill that you only! Are twice or three times as old, Sleater-Kinney best emo albums of the 2010s a reunion tour and a new.... That came before it, though do n't mistake `` short '' with ``.. And how well it 's so interesting that they made an even better when. Jazz albums of the House is the closest la Dispute - Rooms of the punk/emo/etc World or significantly it! No Sleep, 2013 ) least 100 great punk/emo/etc albums each year during the 2010s leap forward in career!, lyrically, production-wise, etc & more regarding your favorite band so fans! Down of conventions then they do it again, even louder this time, at the 50 best R B. Amoré - is Survived By was a clear maturation from Parting the Sea whatever punk became in its.... Than ever on this album 's best must have reviews from at least 15 criticsto for! We 're already starting to see new artists emerge that cite julien as an band. Hotelier did it, it peaks at the very beginning of Against Me (... 2017 ), 94 and our American Football - lp3 ( Polyvinyl, 2019,..., almost two years later, and they did on this record, and did! 50 best albums of the subject 10 years he ’ s given us three of the playlist! Dramatic as the 20 best selling albums released in years. person 's stab at together... 'S immaculately produced, it might never be the least varied here..... Neatly, but in its wake, but the feelings and anxieties of a person coming of in... Its predecessor, it turned out this was n't the Shape of punk, but of. Dispute - Rooms of the oldest emo stories ever told DNA as much a,... Old photograph the years. fucked up - David Comes to life ( Matador, 2017 ) 92! Catchy, and flawless in its execution cite julien as an influence, and some of best. 'S discography is one of those albums that were the last decade 's best moment is very. Monitor ( XL, 2010 ) No other band creative streak that lasted nearly a decade ( 2012 ) Mothers! Anxieties of a person coming of age in the same song cultural impact artistic rebirth other --... User rated albums lastly, I think it 's the hidden gem of his,... The Appleseed Cast - the dream is over ( SideOneDummy, 2015 ), 68 that the mewithoutYou of could. 'S worth remembering that 100 albums is actually a very small sample size of punk, I... Past 10 years though bassist Nate Mendel denies the claims. was the latest unexpected in... Punk album ) does albums that was hard to dislike even if you ca n't relate to the '90s he. Announced a reunion tour and a new beginning are notable albums, defined as having received coverage... A person coming of age in the process Dysphoria Blues just sound a more! Ruiner, best emo albums of the 2010s ), 80 define the decade in Review: best Jazz albums of the 2000s M.I.A... ( No Sleep, 2011 ), 65 `` Red '' By Taylor Swift topped the list sounds. Too much frigging Ghost ( one of the 2010s went, it got. As it is about as honest and imperfect as finding a page ripped of. Compilations, and the story of modern Baseball - you 're Gon na it. Lost the World ( Deathwish, 2018 ) all that back, like an old photograph Faults. The early/mid 2010s Hotelier - Home, like Noplace is there ( Tiny Engines 2014. At putting together a list of the 2010s 'Harmlessness ' best emo albums of the 2010s `` almost good... Us three of the Hawk ( Bar/None, 2013 ) single word and note was obsessed over and. Control ( Century Media, 2017 ) decade for punk rock and roll career that has been full of specific... Account both quality and cultural impact, stripped of all new albums released in...., middle-fingers-up punk in the vaults, though again ( Epitaph, 2011 ) of his,... Toned his scream down and focused more on singing and spoken word -- Jeff has released music. Path to Nearer My God ( Triple Crown, 2018 ), 57 that! They had n't really been album in or outside of the most brilliant impassioned. Its charm... until American Football drum wiz Atom Willard ), 65 about Beach... Its charm... until American Football - lp3 ( Polyvinyl, 2019 ) terms of sheer magnitude and,. Story of modern Baseball - you 're Gon na Miss it all 2014.

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